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Our Core Value System

Our Core Value system, WE CARE, guides how we conduct business with our clients, how we interact with clients and teammates, how we communicate, and what is expected within the culture of Lifescan Labs.

All Lifescan Labs employees embrace and are held accountable to WE CARE.

W= Willingness: Willingness is the ability to adapt to a situation, being prepared and ready, and practicing enthusiastic acceptance in accomplishing tasks.

E= Ethical: Ethical is doing the right thing all the time, being honest, and living up to a standard that morals and principles guide behavior, and having accountability to your role and responsibilities; be trustworthy always.

C= Communication: Communication is essential to everything and everyone one at Lifescan Labs. Effective and considerate communication provides productive and comprehensive understanding and execution to the mission, company, clients, and employees. Promote idea sharing, provide for open feedback, and allow a dialog with active listening. Timely replies or follow-up when emailed or task given, and avoid gossip or rumors.

A= Appreciation: Appreciation is paramount to a strong team and fosters an environment of recognition and acknowledgment when good work and strong effort is done. Appreciate your team, coworkers, leadership, company, partners, patients, clients, and anyone you interact with.  Say “thank you,” “good job,” “awesome work,” anything to recognize effort.

R= Respect: Respect promotes a positive and professional workplace climate. Treat coworkers and teammates with courtesy, politeness, and professionalism, just as you would want to be treated. Listen and allow other points of view to be heard. Everyone is treated with fairness and civility in a culture of cooperation and professionalism.  

E= Excellence: Excellence is a commitment to be the best, striving to excel and always improve. Build relationships and make a positive difference in our patient and customers’ lives, uphold company standards and follow policy to ensure quality. “Make people better.”